Gaming Keyboard Throne One Mouse Set

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    Product Information:

    HXSJ K99 Bluetooth version 4.2 mobile game keyboard throne integrated mouse set


    1. Support popular FPS games.

    2. Bluetooth connection, i.e. play-as-you-go.

    3. To achieve high compatibility, preset the official recommended keys of the game, you can customize high-speed keys.

    4. bypass system detection, match mobile players, non-simulator.

    5. Pressure gun function, 40 rounds a point.

    Product parameters:

    Mouse net weight: 105g

    Mouse size: 12.5X6.4×3.8cm

    Line length: 140cm

    Keyboard weight: 272g

    Keyboard size: 25.5X17X3cm

    Total packaging weight: 540g

    Size: 28.2X28.2X5.7cm

    Product packaging:

    Bluetooth 4.2 one-handed keyboard x1

    Wired mouse x1

    User manual x1

    Mobile phone holder x1  

    Weight 0,60 g
    Dimensions 300 × 300 × 70 cm



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